Adding a capture button.

screen captuer


Capture allows you to either capture a screen shot or capture a segment of the video.


The general views of the button are shown in the following table.

Simple capture button.

Simple button with capture.


Advanced capture button.


Advanced button with capture.


All three button views record media state for use with back references and the summary page, but only the advanced button displays the state information.



The simple button comprises a capture container (grey box) and a single clip0056 capture button.

Click the capture button to grab an image (including timeline selection, if any).
Tap and hold the capture container to preview the image in the analysis tool.




The advanced button comprises a capture container (grey box), a timeline view, two capture buttons (left side), and two preview buttons (right side).




Click to capture a full screen image (including timeline selection, if any).


Click to capture a region image (including timeline selection, if any).


Tap and hold to preview the captured image.


Click to restore the analysis tool to the recorded state (playhead position and selection, if any).


Timeline indicates playhead position or selection where capture was taken.


To toggle between simple and advanced view, use the clip0062 Advanced option in the interaction builder.



Capturing an exemplar now includes capture of analysis tool state. This includes the timeline selection, if any.


To capture an exemplar:

In author view, click the clip0063 preview button on the analysis tool.
If desired, mark a timeline selection.
Click the full screen or region capture buttons to capture the exemplar frame.


Alternatively, in the interaction builder:


Click clip0065 Image and select the exemplar image from the media selector.  In this case, there is no media state associated with the exemplar image.
You can use the clip0066 visible and clip0067 hidden option to control whether the exemplar image is visible to the learner.  The exemplar image is shown above the capture button for all three button views.
Tap and hold the exemplar to preview the image in the analysis tool.
It’s not possible to restore the exemplar state into the analysis tool.


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