Adding a video Selector


When creating a Module or a Wizard, the author can include the Selector tool selector from the Media toolbar early in the creation process. In fact what the author is doing is giving the user the option of loading their own videos and from then on through the Module or Wizard, that video(s) can be reused without having to be reloaded.


Within the Selector, the author can choose whether the selector should prepare one (single) or two (dual) videos for the Module or Wizard. There can only be one Selector per Module or Wizard.


The author can also include a title that aids the user in choosing appropriate videos. In the image below the 'Video1' and 'Video 2' placeholders have been replaced with 'Side view' and 'Front view'.


selector window


The selector height can be resized, and the child windows resized and re-positioned.


You can control the visual appearance of the Selector using the Style toolbar. Note that you may wish to decrease the font size from its default to show more of the movie titles.


Once the author has placed the Selector near the beginning of the Module or Wizard, whenever they choose any of the video playback or analysis options (ie Video, Analyse, Dual) during the construction of the Module/Wizard, the File Manager will have 'Wizard 1' and, if dual was selected, 'Wizard 2' icons to represent each video that the user will have loaded.  This way the author can re-use the videos the user loads throughout that whole Module or Wizard.


Authoring Mode

Learner Mode