Adding an exemplar image to Capture

Each Capture interaction can be configured to include an associated Exemplar Image. The image is displayed in the summary Report page, and can be optionally displayed with the interaction within the Wizard or Module.


tog_minus        Selecting an exemplar image

You can select the exemplar from uploaded images using the File Manager.

1.Create a new Analyse Capture interaction, or double-click an existing one, to open the Interaction Builder.
2.Click on + Add Option.

Add exemplar image

3.Click on (Use Image...)
4.Select the desired image from the File Manager.


This automatically configures the interaction to display the desired image.

exemplar selected


tog_minus        Capturing an exemplar image using the Analysis tool

You can use the Preview mode of an Analysis tool to capture an exemplar image in authoring mode.

1.Create a page with an Analyse Capture interaction and either an Analysis or a Dual Analysis tool.
2.On the analysis tool, click Preview. preview button 2
3.Prepare the exemplar image by adjusting the analysis tool and adding annotations.
4.Click the Analyse Capture interaction’s Capture buttoncapture button. The interaction is automatically configured to use the captured image as the exemplar image.
5.Stop the analysis tool preview by clicking Close Preview Close Preview.


During Preview mode, hovering the mouse over the exemplar image loads the image into the analysis tool, analogously to the behavior in Learner mode.


If the analysis tool includes a Wizard video, we recommend using a placeholder video to capture the exemplar image, and then modifying the tool to use a Wizard video.


tog_minus        Controlling the display of an exemplar image

You can control the display of the exemplar image on the Wizard page.

1.To show or hide the image, double-click the Analyse Capture interaction to open the Interaction Builder.
2.Click the Correct correct or Incorrect wrong answer icons to show or hide the image.
3.The image is automatically resized to match the size of the Capture button.


The exemplar image is always displayed in the Wizard summary page.


tog_minus        Removing an exemplar image

To completely remove the exemplar image from the Wizard and summary page:

1.Double-click the Analyse Capture interaction.
2.Click Delete Option Delete option.


tog_minus        Capture button Position

Due to the way that the Analyse Capture interaction is built, the Capture button position may change depending on whether or not an exemplar image is shown in the Wizard.

If an exemplar image is shown, the button is positioned beneath the exemplar image, which is beneath the interaction text.

If no image is displayed, the button is positioned immediately following the interaction text.

Drag the button to manually position it in the desired location. To restore the default position:

1.Select the Analyse Capture interaction.
2.Click Reset Position reset position from the Align toolbar.


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