Adding Bookmarks

A Bookmark is a feature that allows users to mark a favorite page in a Module and save it to a list.



Bookmarks is an additional option so extra costs may be incurred.  You should contact before planning to use this feature.
At this stage you cannot share bookmarks but it is coming.


If you have access to Bookmarks you can find the bookmark tool at the end of the 'breadcrumb address' as shown in the image below.



A small dialog will appear give you the option to add a title, tag and comments. The Tags menu is combination of text box and drop-down menu. You can add new tags either by typing into the text area, or selecting Add Tag... You can select any number of tags.

bookmarks 2


A list of your bookmarks can be found under the bookmarks tab on your home screen.

bookmarks 4



The bookmark list is ordered by most recent bookmark, and can be filtered with the drop-down menu.
The (i) Info button shows and hides the tags and description.
The (x) Delete button deletes the bookmark.