Adding and editing content


Note: If you make a substantial change to a Module or Wizard and then save it, ALL the users that have done that lesson will lose ALL of their data associated with that piece of work.


To prevent this from happening you should either save a copy of your Module or Wizard using the Save Copy option and edit that or edit the Wizard or Module using the Lite Mode Editor



To edit a Module, Module Quiz or Wizard:

1.Choose the Zone where you want to edit the Module/Wizard.
2.Click on the Admin link in the upper right of your screen

Amin link

3.Then then click on Modules to see the list of Modules/Quiz Modules/Wizards.
4.Choose your Module/Wizard from the list (filter to see the appropriate one

Quiz Selector

Note: You can only edit content where you are listed as the author.

Choose module

4. Click the Edit button edit button 2

Work through the following pages to learn how to add and edit all the content options available to you.


Note: Although the interface allows you to work in an environment that is very similar to what the user will see, you do need to switch to Preview Mode (using the Preview button on the Main Toolbar) to test the questions, answers, video interactions, etc.

Note: Although there is a Preview button to see what your creation looks like a good tip when you are editing Modules/Wizards is to open a separate browser and simultaneously login in to the same Zone.  Now you can view in both author and learner modes at  the same time (dual monitors is even better!).  However, you will need to press the browser REFRESH button each time you view your changes so as to force the viewing browser to upload the latest version.

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