Adding drag and drop (matching).

Drag and Drop drag drop


Drag-Drop sets can be defined as Inline or not-Inline. The difference relates to how the target behaves once a drag item has been dropped into it. By default, we recommend Inline for cases where text is being dropped into the target, and not-Inline when you are dragging images.


The feedback icon can be associated with either the Drags or the Target. This also impacts the marking.

An interaction with the feedback on the Target might typically be scored out of 1.
An interaction with feedback on the Drag items, with e.g. 2 drags, would be scored out of 2.


You can expand size of target as desired. The target size is not related to size of the containing cell.


TIP: If you want to have 2 or more target and you want the user to drag various options into the correct target (cell) then you should use 2 or more cells as shown in the image below (2 cells shown by 2 gray bounding boxes).


To do this you would double click to create a new cell then add the correct answers to that cell in the list.  Now repeat the whole process in a new cell with the correct answers for that cell in the list.  Now arrange your items (blue bounding boxes) on the page as you desire. Note: There is a connection between the gray and blue bounding boxes so moving your gray boxes may move your blue ones as well.


Drag and drop 2 targets


Note: Check box, radio, drag drop, drop down and gap text interactions can now have negative graded marks. These will show the negative feedback icon.



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