Adding graded scoring

Certain interactions can be designated as Graded Scoring. These include Check Box Set, Radio Button Set, Drop Down Menu, and Gap Text.


In graded scoring, an answer is marked Incorrect if the graded score is 0, and Correct if the graded score is higher than zero. In case of correct answers, the graded score for that answer is displayed within the icon.


Graded Scoring

Standard Scoring


standard check


You can activate graded scoring for an interaction by checking the Graded Scoring check box on the Interaction Editor toolbar.


When graded scoring as active, the correct / incorrect icons in the interaction table are replaced by edit fields where the desired score can be specified.


Note: For Check Box Sets, the Out Of score should be the sum of all graded scores, while for the other interactions Out Of should match the option with the highest score.

At this time, graded scoring does not allow for negative scores to be assigned to answers.


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