Aligning and distributing



The selected objects are aligned by their outermost edges (ie left, right, top, bottom), or to the middle of the selection (for centre and middle). The objects are aligned according to their current borders, so if the border widths change, you may have to re-align the objects.

align buttons



The Distribute tools can be used to arrange three or more selected objects with equal space between them.




Use this option to set equal widths or heights.




Each object is on its own layer on the page and these tools change the layering of objects. If you move interactions (such as radio buttons) outside their parent cells, you may have to change the cell layering to ensure that the interactions remain visible.



You can tell what layer each object object is by the number next to its dimensions.

layer number


Note: The order that questions get listed in the final report is based on their layer.  To changes the order of questions in the Report, change the layer order using these Order buttons.



Reset Position

Use this option to reset the position of the objects.



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