Analysis Tool Configuration

In Bracken Author

The Single and Dual analysis tools remember the user’s configuration for each video or combination of videos. The configuration is applied when the same video or combination of videos is visited later, either on the same or another module page.


The settings are stored during the Bracken Author session, but not stored to the database so they will not be remembered in the next Bracken Author session.


Keep Author Configuration

While authoring Bracken modules, the author can choose Keep Author Configuration from the Settings menusetting button.

keep configured

When this setting is selected, the configuration defined by the author is loaded when the analysis tool is displayed in learner mode.

To define the configuration, click the Preview preview button button and configure the tool as needed. The configuration is recorded when you click Close PreviewClose Preview .


In Discussions

When submitting discussion comments, the configuration of the Single or Dual analysis tool is recorded in conjunction with the comment.

The configuration can later be applied to the discussion tool by clicking Show in Player. Then the player will jump back to the point in time where the image was captured but it will not show the drawing if they have been deleted.

show in player