Creating a new Quiz Module

A Quiz is a type of Module but it is designed to give the user no feedback and not allow do-overs, like a test.


Quiz mode Modules can be created and edited by choosing the Quiz Modules option on the modules list page.


Quiz Selector

To create: With  the Quiz Modules selected (above) press the 'Create Now' button create new 2

To edit: With  the Quiz Modules selected (above) press the Edit' button edit button 2


The editing process is the same as if editing a standard Module with the following provisos:


Authoring / Module View

No feedback is provided in learner view.
Navigation thumbnails show the page out of, but not the page score. The out of can be suppressed from the Marks Shown menu.
All pages are shown in the navigation.


Summary View

The summary page is always shown, and it is always possible to submit to a tutor.
Feedback is shown under the circumstances outlined below.


Path View

Quiz Modules appear the same as other modules. You can use module levels, assessment, and info flags to make the stone different.
Quiz Modules cannot be reset.
The Quiz Modules will block subsequent Modules on the path when:
One of the pathway restriction options are checked:
oThe pathway Restrict by Level option is checked and the Quiz Modules is at a lower level, or
oThe pathway Restrict by Assessment option is checked and the Quiz Modules is marked as assessment
And, the Quiz Modules:
oHas been started, or
oHas been submitted, or
oHas been graded and returned by the educator (Feedback or Final), but the learner’s score is below the Modules’s minimum score.



The notification texts are very similar to those sent for standard Modules, with ‘Module Report’ replaced by ‘Quiz Module, ie: