Editing a published Module or Wizard


WARNING: It is important that you read and understand the implications of editing published Wizards and Modules.

Once you have published a Module, editing features become restricted so you can only edit changes in the text.  If you wish to make more substantial changes (e.g. interactions), you will need to save a copy of the module and make edits to that copy.


You can tell if a Module or Wizard is published by clicking on the Module from the Module List and looking for the Published text as shown in the image below

Published module



If you continue by clicking edit button 2  then next 2you will be presented with the following warning.


editing in Lite mode


In addition, the editing screen has a LiteEdit watermark.


In LiteEdit mode, your edits will be limited to:

Change text in cells and interactions
Add or remove text-only cells
Apply formatting changes
Add, remove, or reconfigure images and other media elements
Add and remove pages that don’t contain interactions
Reorder pages


You will not be able to perform any of these:

Add or remove interactions in the Cell editor
Add, remove, or change the Correct / Incorrect status of interaction options
Add or remove pages that contain interactions
Insert pages from another module

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