FAQ's for Administrators

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hmtoggle_plus1        Do I have to pay for my Zone every year?

Yes, like most Software as a Service (SaaS) products Bracken uses a yearly subscription model.

hmtoggle_plus1        How do I know how my students are going in their learning modules?

You can monitor the status of each student on each module in the Learner Progress table.  To see how they are going on the actually module you just click on its entry and the Summary report for that Module for that student will open.  You can learn more here.

hmtoggle_plus1        Can I remove people from my Zone

Yes you can add or remove people from you Zone at any time.  It is important to note that you do not get that person’s ‘seat’ back in your unused user pool.  Therefore you must be careful who you allow into your Zone as they will use up one of your user spaces (‘seats’) forever.  You can learn how to manage your users here.

hmtoggle_plus1        Can I customize my own Zone?

Yes there are a few specify thing you can customize to give the Zone your look.  You can learn more here.