FAQ's by Creators

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hmtoggle_plus1        What is Bracken, Bracken Author and where does it all fit with Siliconcoach Live?

Bracken is the whole system. Bracken Author is our online authoring tool and in it you can create educational, informative and instructive material. Siliconcoach Live is just one Bracken Site (Skin) sitting inside Bracken (see schematic). You can learn more about Bracken here.

hmtoggle_plus1        I keep hearing about Modules and Wizards, what is the difference?

Modules and Wizards are actually technically very similar but their philosophy is quite different.  Modules are all about learning and Wizards are all about technique analysis.  You can learn more here.

hmtoggle_plus1        How much does Bracken cost?

It depends on the size of your project.  Please contact sales@brackenlearning.com for detailed pricing.

hmtoggle_plus1        If I purchase a Bracken Site do I get Bracken Author?

Not by default as not everyone needs Bracken Author.  Please contact sales@brackenlearning.com for detailed pricing.

hmtoggle_plus1        Can I export may Bracken modules and then import them into something else?

Yes and no.  There is the ability to export modules and have then available to uses that do not have the internet but you cannot import them into anything other than Bracken.  This is a customizable feature for advanced users so you need to contact sales@brackenlearning.com  for more information.

hmtoggle_plus1        Do I have to put my Modules or Wizards onto Pathways for users to be able to access them?

Yes all users access Modules on a Module Pathway and all Wizards on a Wizard Pathway.  However, the people who have creator status can create Wizards and view modules and Wizards without accessing them on via a Pathway.  You can find out more about Module Pathways here and Wizard Pathways here.

hmtoggle_plus1        What are interactions?

Interactions are what make your Modules or Wizards more interactive.  They include multi-choice questions, true/false, drag and drop and many others, many of which will self-mark.  You can learn more about interactions here.

hmtoggle_plus1        Are Modules and Wizards just a linear series of page?

They can be but you can also add branching so users can choose different pathways through the lesson.  To learn more about branching click here.

hmtoggle_plus1        I have a Module (or Wizard) that I want to use a lot of pages out of for a new one.  Can I copy pages or the whole module (or Wizard)?

Yes for both.  You can copy pages from other Modules or Wizards in your Zone into your new Module (or Wizard).  In addition you can also save the whole Module or Wizard as a new one with a new name and then edit it from there.  You can learn about coping pages here and whole Modules or Wizards here.

hmtoggle_plus0        I can't see all my interaction buttons in my editor.

Make sure you are viewing the page at 100%.  In some browsers if the page is viewed at 90% or smaller it will not show all the buttons