How do I add, copy, paste or delete a cell?

Cells form the basic building blocks for content within a Module. They can contain text, interactions, hyperlinks, videos, and images.



Adding a Cell

When you create a new cell ( new cell on the Content toolbar), it is positioned near the centre of the page and the Cell Editor opens to allow you to type in text and insert interactions.


You need to click OK or Cancel to close the Cell Editor.


cell editor


Note: You can create a new cell anywhere on the page by positioning your mouse and then double-clicking.


Copy and Pasting Cells

Cells and MediaElements can be duplicated on the same page or repeated onto other pages.

1.Select them using the selection tool and click on the Copy button on the Align toolbar.
2.On the page where the objects are to be inserted, click on the Paste button on the Align toolbar.



The newly created objects are selected after pasting.
Pasted objects are placed in the same location as the copied items, unless they are duplicated on the same page, in which case they are offset from the original location.
If you delete an object deleted after copying but before pasting, cannot be re-inserted.


Deleting a Cell

To delete a Cell, select it then either click the Delete button (delete button on the Content toolbar) or press the Delete key on your keyboard.



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