How do I add a basic table?

To insert a table consisting of individual cells, click the Table button table button on the Content toolbar. At the prompt, enter the number of rows and columns for the table, separated with ‘x’.


For example,  '4 x 3'  will yield a table with 4 rows and 3 columns. All of the new cells will be immediately selected so that you can easily reposition the table

    4x4 table



To resize the entire table, keeping the relative positions of the cells, drag the right, lower-right, or bottom drag handle of the table while holding down the Ctrl key.
If your cells have borders, you may wish to hold the Alt key at the same time so that you can position the cells with better accuracy and avoid the 'jump to grid' effect.
If you click off the table it will look like it has disappeared.  It is still there it just does not have any borders.  To reselect it, click and drag around the page, when you release the mouse button it should be visible again.  It makes it easier to see the table at all times if you choose Shade under the Options menu.