How do I add Text to Speech

You can mark text blocks to be read to the user by the software, commonly called Text to Speech.  However, you must get your finished Modules and Wizards processed by Siliconcoach where they will use text to speech software to do the processing.


To mark a cell text for processing:

1.Contact Siliconcoach ( to finalize the process and costs.


2.Choose the cell or cell components (eg drop down menu, etc)
3.Click the cell audio button toggel audop.  This button toggles the cell audio functionality on/off.


4.Contact Siliconcoach again for processing.  For final deployment, each Module will be available with automatically-generated text-to-speech for selected cells. You must Publish the Module before the speech is generated and available in Learner mode. Before doing so, ensure that there will be no further changes to the Module texts.