How do I add branching?

You can add branching in the Module/Wizard by setting where the Next button next button will take the user.


This 'Next Page' menu controls the behaviour of the navigation list in Learner mode.

new next pasge                 next list

You can choose:

Hidden: Hides (disables) the Next button, for example if the page contains hyperlinks because the author wants the user to jump to different slides (see 'Branching to different slides' below).
Auto: Takes the user to the next page in the navigation list (default).
Page X:  Skips to a specific page when the Next button is pressed;


Note: Although the pages are listed by page number in the Next Page menu, the next button links are maintained even if the pages are re-ordered.


Branching to different slides.

After setting the Next Page tool to 'Hidden' to stop the user progressing through the list of pages, the author can then add Hyperlinks on that page that will guide the user to any other slide or even to websites.


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