Adding resources to my Pathway

There may be times when you want to give the teachers/coaches extra information like task sheets, reference papers etc.


Note: Students do not see this material.


You can do this in Bracken Author by adding resources to a Pathway page.


To add resources to a Pathway click on the Admin link in the upper right of your screen

Amin link


Then then click on Paths to see the list of Pathways.  



Note: Your list will not look like this as you will see your zones


Below is an example of the Pathways list, here you click the EDIT button.  Again yours will not have the same content as this but the concept is the same.

Path list

Note: You can only edit Pathways that you own!!


Scroll to the bottom of the Pathway Settings area to see the Pathway Resources area

path resources


Click the Add button to add, or load and add, resources in the form of files to your Pathway. Note: If yo hold the CTRL key you can choose more than one resources at a a time


Press the Save button to save your new resources to this Pathway.


Note: You will see your library of resources each time you add/change resources and you can assign each resource to each Pathway.


When you look at the Pathway you will see a Resources folder in the bottom left of the screen. resources folder


When you click on this folder, the list of resources available for users of this Pathway will appear as shown below. Click on the one you want to look at, it may display it in your web browser if it is a pdf file or it will ask you to download and open it if it is one of the other file types.

resource list