How do I add and edit text?

Add Text

Before you can add text to your page you need to add a cell.


The easiest way to do this is position your mouse curser on the page then double click.  A Cell will be created automatically and you will be taken directly into the Cell Editor where you can type, add interactions and style your text.




Summary Title: On each page, one cell can be designated as the page title. You can specify which cell by selecting it and clicking the Summary Title icon summary page buttonon the Content toolbar.



Do not include any interactions in the cell chosen as the page summary title.
When a report is created, the summary title cell text is used as a page heading. If no title cell is specified, each page heading is of the form, “Page 1”.


Edit text

To edit a Cell, Interaction, or Media Element, double-click the element.


Alternatively, select the element and click Edit Object edit text on the Content toolbar.

(This effectively permits editing Bracken modules using iPad or similar mobile device.)



There are now justification and indenting buttons to the cell editor toolbar.



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