How do I complete a Module?

Note: The key thing to know here is that you must go into a Zone before you can take any modules.


To complete a Module:


Select a Pathway and chose a Module.




Step through each screen and follow the instructions on the pages.


The pages can be quite different from each other and may  include:


Still image(s).
A video player.
The video analysis tool.
Ability to capture an image from the video analysis tool.
Ability to add text.


Note: You must press the Save button to save your input.

Module analysis 2


You can mark the short questions by pressing the Mark button.


Press the Save button to save your answers.


If you get it wrong press the Retry button and try again.

Mark 2

save 2

retry 2        


Press the Next button to advance all the way through the Module.

next 2


If you press the Next button on the last slide you will be taken to the Summary Report where you can see all the results for that Module.




Next page references

The navigation page icons now show when the Next Page button has been set to anything other than Auto. An icon or page reference is shown in the bottom left corner.

If the Next Page button is disabled, the icon shows a diamond ◊.
If the Next Page is set to a specific page, the icon shows an arrow and the page number. If the target page is moved, the page reference number will update automatically.




Next page button disabled.

Next page button jumps to specific page.


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