How do I customise my Zone?

You can customise your Zone to give it a unique feel and also provide information or even news to your users.


The Description Page (an example shown in the red box below) is used to identify each Zone (example Zones shown by the thin red arrows) and provide information about that Zone.


Zones are used to give structure to your site (e.g. sub Zones, sub-sub Zones etc).  Therefore not every Zone needs to have a Description Page.   You can turn the Description Page on or off using the Details option (see next page).  If you turn it off you can still access the contents of that Zone.

description page


Note: You could also review a video of the process.



There are 2 steps to customising your Description Page:


hmtoggle_plus1Step 1: Showing/Hiding your Description Page
a.Click on Admin in the upper right of your screen.

Admin link

b.Find your Zone and click on the corresponding Details link.

Details link

c.Make sure Show description in menu is ticked (see image below).

description option

d.Click Save (see image above).


hmtoggle_plus1Step 2: Adding content to your Description Page

To edit your Description page you must:

a.Make sure you have ticked the Show description in menu box as shown above.
b.Choose the Zone you want to edit.  Any of the ones indicated by the red arrows would do for this example. Note: Your options will look different to this example.

Showing Zones

c.Click the small Edit link in the upper right of the screen just under the Logout link. Note: If you can't see this then you do not have access to edit that Zone's Description Page.

new edit button


When you click on the Edit link in the upper right of the screen you get the page editor.  The best way to learn is to play but here are the names of the tools to get you started.