How do I find Wizards and their Reports?

Wizards are grouped into Pathways for convenience


To find some example Wizards:


Under the Siliconcoach tab select the Example Wizards Pathway from your list.


Note: Wizard Pathways have the small 'W' icon.


    select wizards

Note: The Pathways, and therefore Wizards, you can see will depend on the Zone you are in, not everyone will .


The Wizard Pathway screen displays a list of Wizards (one example shown below).  If you click on a Wizard all the Reports created using that Wizard will be shown.  Both those Reports created by the user and those shared with the user will be displayed.


Find a wizard report

Note: Shared reports created by other authors are shown as italic.



When a report is selected, the legend shows the following information about the report, if it is available for the report:






The name of the user that the report is about. This is specified by the author when the Wizard report is first created.  In anonymous reports, this information is not shown.



The author of the report, unless the report was created the current user.



The most recent date on which the report was changed by the author.



Sorting and Searching

The reports can be ordered by most Recent modified date, alphabetically by the name of the Subject.

For both sorting types, the Search… field can be used to search the displayed reports by the subject’s name.