How do I import packaged content

Packaged content, such as a SCORM 2004 module or the output from Articulate or Adobe Edge Animate, can be embedded in a Bracken module using the clip0005 SCO media element.


To run embedded content:

1.Export the content to make a stand-alone version that includes all resources.
2.If necessary, place all the files into a compressed (zip) folder, taking a note of the address of the launch page. For Articulate exports, this is commonly story_html5.html.
3.Upload the zip file to Bracken using the web uploader.
4.In the module, choose clip0006 SCO from the Media toolbar.
5.Select the uploaded zip file and click Ok.
6.In the placeholder frame:
For standard compressed folders, choose Package Type Zip, and type in the address of the launch page.
For SCORM packages, choose Package Type Scorm. The content is automatically loaded from the package’s manifest file.


The author can view the embedded content by clicking the Preview mode of the module.


Embedded Size

The embedded content will play within the frame set by the author. This may cause scroll bars to be displayed, unless the embedded object was designed to fit on an arbitrary sized screen. The user can click the clip0008 Full screen button to toggle the content to fill the browser window.


The content and structure of a SCORM package is established from its imsmanifest.xml file, and if necessary, a navigation menu listing the available content is displayed.


Tech: We have implemented minimal LMS hook-ups for SCORM packages. It currently supports first and second tier calls, including restoring position within the package; but not advanced calls related to interactions, objectives, or sequencing. This may need to be expanded if we find users embedding more sophisticated packages.