How do I import Powerpoint files?

It is now possible to import some aspects of PowerPoint presentations into Bracken Author and then edit them once they are in there.



The presentation must be saved in the format: PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) (use Save as in PowerPoint to get this file type if it not already in that format)
Most formatting will be lost but you can edit and reformat it once it is in Bracken.  If you want to keep your slide layout as is then save your PowerPoint presentation as a series of PNG images and then upload those images into Bracken and then place them on your pages.  You cannot edit the text in images.


To import a Powerpoint file

1.From the Content toolbar, click Insert From….
2.In the Module selector, click Powerpoint….

import powerpoint

3.Choose a PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx) file.
4.Click Open.
5.The presentation is imported into the Module. Note: Importing may take a few moments, especially when importing images.


The PowerPoint presentation import will attempt to import the following items:

Titles, subtitles, and other placeholder text.
Content from text boxes.
Border and fill styles of text boxes. Gradient fills are currently not supported.
PNG and JPG images. These images are uploaded to the server and will appear in the author’s list of media. It may take a few moments for the image upload to complete.
Autoshape border and fill styles. The autoshapes themselves (arrows, ellipses, rounded rectangles, as well as more elaborate items such as scrolls and stars) are not currently supported.
Currently, bulleted and numbered lists are simply imported as text.