How do I manage Child Pathways?

The Manage Child Paths page allows a Zone owner to manage the distribution of Pathways within that Zone, as well as any Child Zones. The Parent and Child Zones are displayed as a hierarchical list.


You access the Manage Child Paths page from the Manage Child Paths link under the Admin tab.


The Expand arrows expandcan be used to expand and collapse the list of Pathways within that zone.


If the user is a facilitator or owner of a Zone:

The Edit Zone Details link can be used to access the Zone Details page.
The New Module Pathway link can be used to create a new Pathway.


The image below shows the Siliconcoach Parent Zone that has been expanded to reveal numbers Child Zone (e.g. ABC8, Lite, etc).  Some of these Child or Parent Zones show Pathways within them.  Notice in the Lite Zone there are 5 Pathways with their 'level' indicated by numbers and indentations.

Manage paths


Types of Pathways

There are three types of Pathway that are available to be shared among child zones.

Created Paths: These are Pathways that have been created within the given zone. Created Pathways can be edited by clicking Edit… if the current user is also the creator of the Pathway.
Pathways Shared at Top Level. The owner of a higher-level Zone can share Pathways into the top level Zone. These shares cannot be removed by the Zone owner.
Shared Pathways: These are Pathways that have been shared into other child Zones.

For each Pathway, clicking on More Info Info expands the Pathway box with information about the Pathway’s author and Zone in which it was created.


Sharing a Pathway

To share a Pathway into a Zone, click Share Pathway. This brings up a drop down menu listing the Pathways that are available to be shared. Choose the desired Pathway, and click Add. Once you have added all the Pathways, click Done to dismiss the pop-up menu.


Organizing Shared Pathways

Shared Pathways can be assigned a Pathway Level by clicking the DemoteDemote and Promote Promote buttons. The order in which the Pathways appear in the Learn or Analyse tabs can be rearranged by dragging the Pathways into their desired positions.


Removing and Deleting Pathways

You can delete remove and delete Pathways by clicking the DeleteDelete Path icon.


Deleting a created Pathway (as denoted by the Edit... link) also deletes the Pathway from any Zone to which it has been shared. The constituent modules and users’ results are not deleted. An alert is displayed to warn the user of the effects of deleting a created Pathway.

You can remove a shared Pathway from the Zone by clicking the Delete iconDelete Path. This removes the Pathway from the Zone, but does not affect the original Pathway, its modules, or learner results.

Click on Save Changes save Path changesto save the shares, additions, and deletions to the database.


Creating New Pathways

If a Zone has privileges to create new Pathways, an additional link New Module Pathway will be displayed.  Click this link to create a new Pathway, analogously to the Create New Module Pathway link in the Learn tab.


Wizard Pathways

If the top level Zone includes Wizards, links in the title of the page will allow the user to switch between editing Wizard Pathways and Module Pathways.


Note: Changes are not automatically saved before switching view.


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