How do I monitor my users' progress

Please note the difference between monitoring your own progress and monitoring your user's progress as shown below.


Note: You could also review a video of the process.



Click on the Admin link in the upper right of your screen

Amin link


Then then click on Learner Progress to see the results grid.  



1. Choose the Pathway to see the list of modules in that Pathway.


2. Click on a Module to see the list of users in that Module.




The summary table comprises the following columns:

Column name

List by Module

List by User

Module / User

Module name.

User name.


(not shown)

User’s most recent login date.


The date of the most recent result for module.

The date of the user’s most recent result.

Modules started

Number of users who have started the module.

Number of modules started by the user.

Points correct

Total points achieved in module by all users.

Total points achieved by the user.

Points attempted

Total points available in the questions attempted by all users.

Total points available in all questions attempted by the user.


Status actions

The itemised table includes a collection of Status Actions. The educator can use these buttons to change the state of individual results.

Status action



The user has started the module. An educator cannot restore the result to Started — use state Feedback instead.


The result is being reviewed by the educator.


The educator has completed the review process and returned the result to the learner in an unlocked state. The learner can resume the module and add or change answers.


The educator has completed the review process and returned the result to the learner. The result is in a locked state; no answers can be changed.