How do I download screenshots and comments?

You can download the screen shots and comments you have captured during your analyses including those added by others sharing in your analysis.


The nice thing here is that you can view the images and comments in an HTML browser even though you this copy is not on the internet any more.


Note:  Export downloads all the images and comments so delete any you don't want to download by clicking their red cross.  However, that will delete those images for ever. It is better to download them all and then delete the ones you don't want once they are on your local computer (as compared to the Bracken web server where they live).


To download all your screen shots:


Click on the Export link in the upper right of the web page.


Your still images will be:

2.Put into a compressed folder.
3.Downloaded to your computer.




Depending on your browser and your browser's settings, you will be either asked for a location to save you compressed folder or it will be automatically saved.


Usually any automatic saving goes into a  'Downloads' folder.

For example in Chrome you will get something like this:

Download screenshots


Note: The downloaded file will actually be a compressed/Zipped folder and you must un-compress (unzip) it before you can look at the content.


Note: Don't double click this items to open them.  If you do you will just get some text and image names but not actual images.


They must be un-compressed before you can see them properly.



zipped shots


One way to un-compress them is to drag the file and folder to your desktop.










Now double click on the file to open it.




A new local web page will appear with your images and comments.


You can now send these items (folder and file) to anyone or keep them for proof of participation i the analyses.


If you just want the images, they are in the folder.

Local images


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