How do I restrict progress within Pathways?

The progress of Modules can be controlled with combinations of Module Levels, Assessment Modules, and the Pathway options Must pass all modules on level to proceed or Must pass assessment modules to proceed as shown in the image below.


Path information

An explanation of the image above can be found below.

Each circle represents a module at the labeled level Leve 1 module
A double border represents an assessment moduleAss module;
Stardenotes modules where the pass score has been reached
lock indicates locked modules.



Must pass all Modules on a level


Must pass assessment Modules

Module Example 1


Module Example 2

In this case, the Level 2 and higher modules are locked because not all Level 1 modules have been passed.


In this case, all modules after the Assessment module in Level 1 remain locked.

Module Example 3


Module Example 4

Once all Level 1 modules have been passed, Level 2 becomes available; Level 3 remains locked.


Once the Assessment module has been passed, lessons of any level become available, until the next Assessment module.


When the learner selects a locked module, its information is displayed in the legend with an added notice about which module first needs to be completed. Clicking the module title in the notice takes the learner to the prerequisite module.


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