How do I save my changes?

The system automatically saves the Module/Wizard to the server at 5 minute intervals. You can save the file manually by clicking Save on the main toolbar. save


You can disable the Autosave by un-checking the Autosave checkbox under the Options tab however this it not recommended   Autosave


The revision number field is available to the authors to track modifications only; it is ignored by the editor and learner modes.



Note 1: If the save fails, a dialog will be displayed.  When this happens, it is due to communication between the browser (where the Module/Wizard is being edited), and the server (where the data is saved). The error does not indicate that any data has been lost since the copy in the browser is still intact. Try saving again; if the save is successful, then the stored data is up-to-date.


Note 2: Because the whole Module/Wizard is saved at once, it is not possible for multiple authors to edit the same work simultaneously.