How do I see my Module Summary?

Note: The key thing to know here is that you must go into a Zone before you can take any modules.


You can review your Module at any time by going to the Module Report Summary page.


To get to the Report Summary page from anywhere in the Module, work through to the last page in the Module then press Next.


A summary screen like the one below will appear.



Each question block takes the following form:


The question label appears first.

The learner response/s are shown indented.
clip0023The automatic feedback appears below the answer.
Feedback provided by the educator, if any, appears next.
clip0024 An edit button is shown for users who can comment.
0  / 5 The final mark, editable if allowed, is shown last.


Uploaded Previews

The uploaded interaction displays differently on the summary page depending its type of media.




Images are shown as small thumbnails. Clicking the clip0025 Zoom Image button enlarges the image to full size, fit within the available width.




Videos are initially shown as a small poster frame images. Clicking the Start-button Play button converts the poster frame into a video player.




Documents are shown with their file type icon (e.g. clip0027) and their file name. Clicking the icon opens the document in a new browser tab. Most browsers can display PDF documents, while other file types will be downloaded to the user’s computer.



Analysis Capture

Results from clip0028 Analyse Capture interactions are now shown with an additional link to display the analysis tool.



When this button is clicked, the summary looks at the lesson data to find an analysis tool on the same page where the Capture interaction exists. (It’s assumed that there is only one; the Br editor prevents the author from inserting more than one analysis tool per page.)


The analysis or dual analysis tool shows the video(s), including checking for Wizard videos that the user has selected.

Inline analysis tool on summary page showing a Wizard video.


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