How do I sign up for other peoples Zones?

Zones are generally private places for groups to share knowledge, mentor, network and discuss and analyze technique.  Zones are often owned and run by schools, sports organizations or coaches and as such there needs to be controls on who can enter and be part of these groups (Zones).


All Bracken Sites uses a Join Code system.


Note: Depending on how your Zone has been configured, members will either join as:

Pending which means the owner will have to manually accept them in
Accepted which means they will have access to that zone as soon as they type the Join code in and press Save.  


To join someone's Zone:



The Zone owner will give you their Zone's Join code if you are an appropriate person.


  e.g. 123ABD


Enter the code in the Join Code box and hit the Save button.


Note: Yours may have different titles but the work-flow is the same.

profile details 2       then   new access code



The Zone owner will get a Message telling them you would like to join.  Using their administration privileges they make the decision to accept you into their Zone or not.




As soon as you are accepted you will see their Zone appearing in your list (remember this could be immediately if the Zone is set to automatically accept users or after some time if it is set to manual).


Note: You may need to refresh your screen to see this.

  Novice zone list


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