How do I share a Module Summary for feedback?

You can submit your Module Reports to your facilitator (e.g. teacher, coach) for feedback.


Note: If you submit your Module Report to your facilitator (e.g. teacher, coach) for feedback you can no longer edit it, but you can continue to review it.


To submit a Module:


Complete the Module.




From the last page in the Module, mouse click on the Next button.




Go back to the Pathway and select the Module you would like to submit and mouse click on the Review button.

next 2




    review 2


Then press the Share button.




On the Share screen you can drag your teacher from the left column into the right column.




They will now get access to your Summary Report


Note:  You will not be able to make any changes to your answers unless they unlock the report from their end.

If you can't see the Resume button you will not be able to make changes to your answers in the Module.
If you can see the Resume button then you will be able to make edits.







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