How do I take a screenshot with comments?

You can capture key points in the movement plus your analysis by taking screen shots.


Note: The screen shots are saved with the videos so next time you analyze that video your screen shots will still be there.


To take a screen shot:


Analyze your video as normal.

    New show run


Press the Capture Image button

    capture image



A thumbnail of the image will appear on the left of the screen.


Note: If you add a comment to the screen shot it will be saved with the image.


Note:  If you move your mouse over the screen shot thumbnail it will expand to full size to make it easier to see.


    screenshot eg



Capture Region

It is possible to capture only a small region of the video frame as shown in the image below.

1.Click the Capture Region button in the capturing button.
2.The capture region shows a mask and displays an instruction text.


capture region




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