How do I test my system?

Before you start using your Bracken Site it is a good idea to test your computer and Internet Browser to make sure they are compatible.


We spend a lot of time testing Bracken on different operating systems and in different browsers.  We try to make it work on them all but users can set their browsers up in such a way that causes parts of it not to work optimally.


We strongly recommend the most recent versions of:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Note: The reason we don't recommend Firefox is that it does not support some of the HTML video formats used.  However, Bracken will still work in Firefox but use the older Silverlight analysis tool instead of the new HTML 5 one.


To test your system we have introduced a diagnostics system called the System Support / Troubleshooting page.  You can access this page from the bottom of any page in Bracken.




Check system new


The first page of the System Support / Troubleshooting page does a quick check of the key components needed to run Bracken.  If they all get a tick system tick you should be all set to go so click the BACK button at the bottom of the page and continue using Bracken.