How do I use Master pages?

When editing Bracken modules, the author can designate pages to become Master Pages, which can subsequently be linked to any other page in the module. This allows multiple pages to bear the same background elements, such as images and titles, without the need to re-create them on each page.


Creating a Master Page

Designing the layout of a master page begins by creating a normal module page. Click New Page new button on the Content toolbar, and insert text and media elements as usual.


Note: It is recommended that the you include only text and images without interactions, but any elements can be included without restrictions.

To convert the page into a Master page, select Make Master from the Master Page menu under the page thumbnails.


new master page

Master pages are displayed at the top of the navigation list and shown shaded and labeled with “Master.” They are not displayed in the navigation list in Learner mode.


You can edit the Master page layout by selecting the Master page from the navigation list and editing it as normal.


Linking to a Master Page

A master page can be applied to all pages in a module with a single command.


To apply the master:

Select the master page in the navigation list.
From the Master Page menu, choose Apply To Pages.

master link


Removing Master Pages

To remove a Master page link from any standard module page, choose Blank from the Master Page menu.


To delete a Master page from the module, select the Master page from the navigation list and click Delete Page on the Content toolbar. A dialog warns the author that deleting a Master page will also remove any links to it.


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