How do I use Wizards for analysis?

Once you have chosen your Wizard you need to work through it to get your Report.


As a Wizard is like a checklist, you just need to follow the instructions in the Wizard to work through the process.


Note: The key thing to know here is that you must go into a Zone before you can use any Wizards.


To complete a Wizard:


Select a Pathway and chose a Wizard.




Step through each screen and follow the instructions on the pages.


The pages can be quite different from each other and may  include:


Still image(s)
A video player
The video analysis tool (shown)
Ability to capture an image from the video analysis tool (shown)
Ability to choose an answer (shown)


Note: You must press the Next tool to save your text.


basic pass


Press the Next button to advance all the way through the Wizard page by page.


You will get instant feedback on your answers.


  next 2

Note:  Not of the questions are not right or wrong.  Some are wrong and will have 0 marks, some are close and will have some marks assigned to it and one will be the best answer and will have the most marks.



If you press the Next button on the last slide you will be taken to the Summary Report where you can see all the Report for that Wizard and then submit it to your coach (assuming you both are in the same Zone).

Wizard Report