How to I copy a page from another Module/Wizard?

You can insert a page from another Bracken Module or Wizard (but not between Modules and Wizards).


Content on the page is copied and given new ID's to make sure the cells and interactions remain unique.


To insert a page from another Module or Wizard:

1.In your current Module/Wizard, select the page before where you wish to insert the copied page.
2.Click on the Insert Page From button from button on the Content toolbar.
3.From the list choose the Module/Wizard you wish to copy from. You can filter these as Modules, Wizards, or All.
4.When you select a Module/Wizard its thumbnails are displayed.
5.Select the page(s) you want by following these rules.
To select a single page, click the page.
To select multiple pages, hold Control (Command) and click each page.
To select all pages, click All in the header bar.
To deselect a page, hold Control (Command) and click a selected page.
To deselect all pages, click None in the header bar.
6.Click Insert to insert the selected pages
7.To close the selector without inserting a page, click the Cancel button.

copy from screen


Once all pages have been inserted, the references to master pages and page jump links need to be reestablished. This is because each page is imported individually, without reference to the other pages being inserted.


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