Interaction Back-Link (Reference)

There is now a possible to insert a reference back to a previously answered interaction. These back references apply to the following interaction types:

Gap text.
Multiline text.
Dropdown menu.
Radio button set.
Checkbox set.
Analyse capture.
Uploaded interactions.


Note: Back references to drag-drop interactions are not currently available.



hmtoggle_plus1Inserting a Reference

To insert a back reference to an interaction:

1.Select the desired interaction within its cell by clicking on it.


2.On the Content toolbar, click clip0041 Copy.
3.Navigate to the page where the back reference is to be placed.
4.On the Content toolbar, click clip0042 Paste.

The interaction reference is inserted onto the page.


The back reference can be moved, resized, and styled. The appearance depends on the type of interaction being referenced. For example, a drop down menu reference looks like a disabled menu, while a multiline reference looks like a block of text.


The back reference shows only the learner’s response to the question. It does not include feedback icons or feedback text. The learner is not able to interact with the question at the point of reference.


hmtoggle_plus1 Duplicating Interaction References

You can also insert duplicate copies of an existing back reference:

1.Select the interaction reference by clicking on it.
2.On the Content toolbar, click clip0044 Copy.
3.Navigate to the page where the back reference is to be placed.
4.On the Content toolbar, click clip0045 Paste.

Interaction references are copied when using clip0046 Duplicate module page.

Interaction references are not copied when inserting a module page clip0047 From… another module.


hmtoggle_plus1Deleting References

To delete an interaction reference:

1.Click on the reference item to select it.
2.Press the backspace key, or choose clip0048 Delete from the Content toolbar.

Interaction references are also deleted automatically when:

A cell containing the interaction is deleted.
The interaction is deleted from the cell content.


hmtoggle_plus1 Navigating to Interaction

You can navigate directly to the referenced interaction by double-clicking on the reference. The module view is taken to the relevant page, and the interaction becomes selected.

It is currently not possible to navigate from an interaction to its reference(s), nor to determine whether it has been referenced.