Lite Edit Mode


Note: If you make a substantial change to a Module or Wizard and then save it, ALL the users that have done that lesson will lose ALL of their data associated with that piece of work.


To prevent this from happening you should either save a copy of your Module or Wizard using the Save Copy option and edit that or edit the Wizard or Module using the Lite Mode Editor



Bracken Author LiteEdit is designed as a minimally-invasive editing mode suitable for correcting minor errors in published modules.


It has been designed to allow authors to make small changes without the system creating a whole new Module.  A new Module will automatically replace the old one and therefore wipe all the answers all the users have entered for that Module.


Authors using LiteEdit should be aware that any changes to interactions may invalidate any existing module results that learners may have.  This means that all their data could be wiped by the 'new' module.


It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the context of an interaction does not invalidate a previously specified correct answer.


Bracken Author

A dialog is displayed when the module is first opened for editing, alerting the author that the module is being edited in LiteEdit mode.
A watermark and stipple pattern is displayed in the background of the content frame.
The duplicate button Duplicate Page and from button Insert From buttons are hidden.
Cells that contain interactions cannot be deleted.
Pages that contain interactions cannot be deleted.


Cell Editor

The text content of cells can be edited freely. Any interaction icons that are deleted by the user are reinstated.
None of the buttons for inserting new interactions are displayed in the Cell Editor.


Interaction Editor

The Correct and Incorrect, or GradedMarks answer settings cannot be changed.
The Scramble button is hidden.
Interaction settings, including OutOf, are displayed but cannot be modified.
The Delete and +Add Option buttons are hidden.
The text and master answer of Highlight interactions can be modified.


Bracken Author Gap Text Interactions in Lite Edit Mode

It is now possible to add new answers to Gap Text interactions during Lite Edit mode. The author must ensure the new answer does not change the sense of existing learner answers.