Select media using the File Manager

To see the File Manager you must click on the Media tab media tab and then either of the Image, Video, Flash, Analyse or Dual tabs.


The content you see will be filtered for the media type you chose (e.g. Image, Video etc).  You can view then in tiled view or list view.


Now you have the option to

oSelect an item buy clicking on it.
oUse the selected item (OK) in your creation
oDelete the selected file
oImport new content


media selector new


To upload new content, click on the Upload button at the bottom left of the File Manager and then choose your file to upload.


Note: If you have uploaded a video using the File Manager or from our desktop  uploader application and you can't see it in the list, click the Refresh button in the upper right of the uploader.  If you still can't see it, wait a few more minutes for it to upload and convert then try the Refresh gain.