Member Status






The member can see the zone (?check) but does not have access to any features

No access but Zone is visible (check?)



The member was deleted from Pending. No access.

No access



The member has full access to zone features including Stick It, Analyses, and Lessons

Full access

No expiry until Zone expires.


The member was rejected from Member.

No access.

A year plus one month since the member first joined the zone. The member then becomes Deleted.


Non-member pages

A non-member page is shown when the user attempts to access content where they are not a member or where their membership access rights aren’t sufficient:

They have requested membership
Their membership or the zone has expired
They have no membership


Zone expiry warning

Owners and facilitators  see a zone expiry warning in their zone. Previously, the warning was only shown to owners.


Zone expiry warnings in navigation tabs.

In the example shown, both the parent Philip Demo and child Inner Zone have analyses and paths.

Content for expiring zones is still available as normal.
Content (Stick-It, analyses, paths) for expired zones is not accessible in the menu.
If a user navigates directly to a zone page, e.g. from an old link, bookmark, or typing the url directly, the past member page is shown.
Accessing an expired zone description page redirects to the expired zone page.
The Admin user retains full access to the zone, but is shown the clip0036 Expired warning.
The child zones in the zone hierarchy are always displayed.