Module or Wizard Settings

You access the settings for the current module under the Settings tab on the tool bar




On the Setting screen you can set:


Make this a meaningful title


Type a description of the Module so you and the users can understand what it is all about.


lick Browse to upload an image that will represent this Module. You should make the image about 150 x 150 pixels and in jpg format.

Pass Score

The Module Minimum is the value that is used to determine the minimum number of marks that the learner will encounter during the lesson. Set this to 0 if you don't care about marks.

Skip Summary Page

Check this if you do not want a Report created at the end.

Don't Submit Results to Tutor

Check this is you do not want the results to be passed on.


You can set the images used as icons throughout the Module and also if they are even used.


You can set feedback text here.  This helps users when using then interactions.