Objects can be moved by clicking them with the mouse and dragging them or by selecting them with the mouse and using the arrow keys.  The arrows keys are good for accurate positioning.

Objects are positioned and resized to a grid, whose spacing can be adjusted in the Grid Size edit field grid size2 on the Options toolbar. To suppress snapping to grid during a move or resize, press and hold the Alt  key.


To maintain an object’s aspect (width to height) ratio during resizing, press and hold the Shift  key.
To constrain a move to be only horizontal or only vertical, press and hold the Shift  key while moving.


Cell Identification

You can temporarily make cells visible by choosing Shade shade option from the Options menu. You can also use Ctrl + Shift  to toggle cell shading. The cells are shown with a stippled background that only appears in editing mode: In learner mode, cells are always shown with the style chosen from the Style toolbar.


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