An author can publish a Module or Wizard simply by clicking the Publish link just under the Module/Wizard title as shown in the example below.


Publish link



WARNING: It is important that you read and understand the implications of editing published Wizards and Modules.

Once you have published a Module, editing features become restricted so you can only edit changes in the text.  If you wish to make more substantial changes (e.g. interactions), you will need to save a copy of the module and make edits to that copy


Publish warning


More Information Link

Click on the What's this link for more information on this process


Clicking “What’s This?” displays text (shown below) describing the effect of publishing a module.


"Publishing a module moves it from development to being ready for use by learners. Once a module is published, users's results will be recorded, but the author can no longer add, remove, or change interactions.  You cannot undo this action."


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