Running Database Reports

Reports are are searches on the database that return information such as User Details, Logins, Uploads etc.


The reports can be viewed on screen of downloaded into Excel.



Not everyone gets to use this feature.  You need to discuss access with your account manager.
These reports are not to be confused with the reports found at the end of a Module


Accessing these features

1.Click on Admin in the upper right of your screen. Admin link
2.Find your Zone and click on the Reports link.

Repors link


3.Choose your Report type from the pull down list

report options


Send bulk emails

It is now possible to send an e-mail to a selection of multiple e-mail addresses listed a report table.

Select the required e-mail addresses and click Send e-mail to selected users.

bulk email

You can use the All and None shortcuts to select or deselect all addresses.
To send an e-mail to a single user, click the e-mail address within the table.