Objects can be selected in two ways.

All objects can be selected by clicking on them. The mouse cursor changes according to the object that will be selected when you click.
Cells and Media elements can be marquee-selected, by dragging a rectangle anywhere on the canvas. Any object touching the marquee will be selected.


To select or de-select an object without affecting other selected objects, click or marquee it while holding the Shift key.


Note: You must click on the options tab to see these settings.


Selection Frame Thickness

This determines the thickness, in pixels, for the selection frame grid size. You may wish to increase this size to make it easier to grab the selection handles.  Changes the width or height of all selected objects to match the widest or tallest of the selection. The positions of the objects remain unchanged.



Setting selection rules.

You can change the behaviour of the selection tool using the Options toolbar. You can limit the tool to select only certain kinds of objects from the drop-down menu.


The Classic classicsetting selects:

Any object, if you click on it;
Only Cells and Media elements, if you marquee select.


The other options on the Selection Filter menu allow you to select only certain types of objects, for both direct selection (clicking on an item) or marquee selecting.

                marque options


Marquee Selection

The marquee selection tool can be set to select either all objects it contacts contact, or only those objects it completely encloses enclose. Users familiar with Adobe Illustrator may prefer Contact, while Enclose more closely resembles the behaviour in PowerPoint. The table below illustrates how the filters work.


The colour of the selection frame differentiates between Cells (black) and Interactions (blue).

enclose image

contact image




Show Selection Frame while Dragging

When the Drag option drag under the Options toolbar is checked, the selection frame remains visible for selected objects. When this option is unchecked, the selection frame is hidden during resizing and positioning. This may be useful for precise manual positioning.



Selection Undo and Redo

You can undo and re-do certain actions when positioning selections on the page. These include moving with the mouse or keys, aligning, and distributing. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y. You can undo the last 20 moves.


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