Setting the style

The Style Toolbar contains tools for modifying the visual style of content.


style toolbar


The toolbar is divided into the Font section that determines font characteristics (left half of toolbar), and the Background and Border section (right half of toolbar). Whereas both sections apply to cells, only the Font section can be used on Interactions.



The display style of any given content is inherited from:

The Module default. (At this stage you cannot set you own default styles.)
The cell style. You change the cell style by selecting the cell and using the Font half of the toolbar.
Individual style. You can change the style of individual words within the Cell Editor.



Background: Background colour.
Border: Border colour.
Line Spacing: Space between lines of text.
Width: Width of border.
Padding: The space between text and the edge of the cell.


Most of the Style section of the Style Toolbar is duplicated in the Cell Editor.

Unlike common typesetting applications, we don’t currently support toggle buttons for the style modifiers, but provide the Clear Style button for similar functionality. For example, if you have made a cell’s text bold, you can remove the bold by clicking the Clear Style button and then reapply some other style.


Note:  Depending on the complexity of text on the page sometimes the Clear Style button will not clear the style you want.  In this situation you can either click on the RAW tab  and edit the HTML directly, of copy the text, paste it on to a simple text editor like Notepad in Windows, then create a new cell and paste it in there (do not use Word as it has formatting associated with the text).  Now start your formatting again.