It is important that you understand the terminology used.



This is the name of the entire online Learning Management System (LMS), including the authoring tool and all the customized sites created by it.

Bracken Author

This is the online tool you use to create learning material.

Bracken Site        

This is your customized site built on Bracken technology.

Siliconcoach Live

One of the customized Bracken Sites (we call them Skins) made using Bracken technology.  It is the general Siliconcoach site used to house individuals and small user groups mostly around concerned with sports.


Zones are private areas within a site that are designed to give you a secure space to share knowledge, mentor others plus discuss and analyze technique.


A set of pages that form an educational learning block.


A guided analysis of a skilled movement.


A group of Modules or Wizards on a graphical pathway to step users through the material.


A screen presenting a variety of assets.


Items like text, images, video, video analysis tools, Adobe Flash content and a wide range of auto-marking interactions all displayed on a Page.


The Bracken structure.