Turning a group of Modules into a Pathway

Note: When editing or building a Pathway, Quiz Modules are designated with the letter 'Q' . Quiz Modules can be used interchangeably with standard Modules, including assigning a lesson level and designating them as Assessment modules (see below). In this way, quiz modules can be used to restrict pathway progress (see below).


Creating Wizard Pathways

1.To create a new Wizard Pathway, click on the Admin link in the upper right of your web page and then click on the Paths link.
2.Now click on the 'New Module Path' link as shown belowcreating a new path
3.You assemble the Pathway from the Modules you have previously created by dragging them into the centre panel on the screen as shown below. You can reorder the Modules by dragging and dropping in place.
4.Options for each Module you add:
Level: Choose the level (in increasing order) you want this Module to sit on, just as you would assign levels to classroom lessons.  For example you may have a couple of Modules in a level and then an Assessment Module that must be passed before moving on to the modules in the next level next level (see image below).
Assess:  Set this Module as an Assessment Module (see image below).
Info: Set this Module as an Information Module (see image below).

5. Options for the whole Pathway

Edit Pathway Resources: You can attached files to the Pathway, for example .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, .jpg
Map:  Choose the background image you want to use.  You cannot add your own images at this time.
Module restrictions
oNo restriction: The learner can start modules in any order.
oMust pass assessment modules to proceed: The learner must reach the pass score of assessment modules before continuing.
oMust pass all modules on level to proceed: The learner must reach the pass score of all modules on the same level before continuing on to modules on higher levels.
Pathway restriction: The learner must reach this score before continuing to Pathways on higher levels.
Reset Option: Turing this on allows the user to reset the Modules and do them again.

path creation


6. After you save the changes you can then go back to the navigation area on the left of the web page tab and click on your new Pathway to review it.

path final


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