Turning a group of Wizards into a Pathway

Wizards can be displayed in a fashion similar to Module Paths.


The Wizard Pathways are accessed through the navigation area on the left of the screen and behave similarly to Module Pathways.


It is important to note:

A zone must have the Wizards feature enabled for Wizard Pathways to be displayed.
A zone must have the Create Wizards featured enabled, and a user must be a Facilitator or Owner for the Create New Wizard Pathway link to be enabled.
Compared to Module Pathways, Wizard Pathways typically have
Fewer modules on each Pathway
The modules displayed in a straight line (although this is not necessary)
Don’t usually zoom in and out
Include a box of reports at the bottom of the Pathway window.


Creating Wizard Pathways

To create a new Wizard Pathway, click on the Admin link in the upper right of your web page and then click on the Module Paths link.

Now click on the 'New Module Path' link as shown below.


creating a new path


The interface is very similar to that used for creating and editing Module paths.